The Best Japanese Things in Melbourne

Don’t you wish you could fly to Tokyo instead of showing up to work? Sadly life’s not that easy. Luckily the next-best thing is right here in Melbourne. Step out of your comfort zone and you’ll be surprised by the abundance of Japanese culture — from homewares, decoration and discount shops, to Japanese spa baths and supermarkets. No matter what you’re after, Melbourne has everything you need to get your

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Kobe Jones - Modern Japanese Cuisine

The Influence of Globalisation on Modern Japanese Cuisine

Globalisation exposes different cultures to each other. With easy access to information, things inevitable change. This is especially true with modern Japanese cuisine. Dishes like kare-raisu (curry rice), tonkatsu (pork cutlet), and korokke (croquette) are just some examples of meals you would be less likely to find on a Tokyo menu at the start of the 20th century. So how exactly has globalisation changed Japanese food culture? First changes: From

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Kobe Jones - Sushi Food Hybrids

Sushi Food Hybrids

Sushi food hybrids are a real trend, with foods like ‘teriyaki steak sushi burger’ and ‘sushi burrito’ becoming more common. And while mixing different cuisines together is nothing new, doing so using sushi or other Japanese-based dishes is both innovative and mouth-watering. Keep reading to find out the best sushi food hybrids that you can make at home. 1. Teriyaki steak sushi burger A sushi burger is just like a

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