Now serving Atlantic Golden Crab

As one season ends, another begins. With supplies of Alaskan crab exhausted, Kobe Jones has procured an amazing replacement for its Autumn and Winter menus: Atlantic Golden Crab from the Southeast Atlantic Ocean (200-400 miles off the coast of Namibia). Supplied by Wild Seas in WA, our new Golden crab meat has a firm texture with a red membrane and succulent white flesh with a distinctive sweet taste. The shells

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Kobe Jones Chopsticks

In reaction to the many customer comments about disposable chopsticks and after an arduous search we have commissioned our own chop sticks. Over all of our restaurants we use 150,000 pairs of chopsticks a year. With a mind to the environment and sustainability, we have sourced a sustainable bamboo and an environmentally friendly ( biodegradable coating ) product . So watch our table settings for this new addition to our

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Recipe | Sashimi Style Hokkaido Scallop

PREPARATION – Wrap scallops in absorbent paper – Chill scallops until very cold – Remove from paper (they must be dry) – With a very sharp knife slice each scallop an into 3 slices and place in a layered rows of 2 on a plate with raised edges – Drizzle generously with Yuzu Dressing – Leave for 10 minutes in the fridge – Garnish with micro herbs and sprinkle of pink

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