Kobe Jones - Japanese New Year Traditions (7)

11 Japanese New Year Traditions

New Year’s Eve is a special time for food, decorations and family, particularly in Japanese culture. Known as Oshogatsu, the Japanese festivities during the last few weeks of December and first few of early January are a mix of Shinto, Buddhist and modern ideas. Here are some of our favourite Oshogatsu traditions. 1. Susuharai The new year is all about getting rid of the old, so cleaning the home ahead

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kobejones - Health Benefits of Japanese Food

The Amazing Health Benefits of Japanese Food (and 5 Recipes for You to Try at Home!)

Japanese food makes use of a lot of ingredients tied to a longer, healthier, happier life. The cuisine as a whole is very low in fatty ingredients, packs a tonne of protein into each bite, and prioritises balance and natural flavour. Japan is a lean country, ranking 184th on Body Mass Index (Australia is ranked 28th for comparison). Translated to numbers, Japan has 3.3% of its population at risk of

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kobejones - Weird and Wonderful Traditions of a Japanese Christmas

The Weird and Wonderful Traditions of a Japanese Christmas

All cultures have their own unique traditions when it comes to holidays such as Christmas, and some of these customs may seem a little bizarre to outsiders. In Australia, the idea of relaxing on a beach at Christmas, having a barbecue outdoors, or eating fresh prawns and seafood at Christmas in July might seem a far cry from the red-breasted robins and snowflakes of a British Christmas. In Japan, Christmas

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