Kobe Jones - Japanese Things in Sydney

Where to Find the Best Japanese Things in Sydney

Japan is famous for its mountains, volcanoes, amazing food, ski resorts, cherry blossoms, and deep history. The Japanese culture is unique, rich and diverse, and its presence in Australia extends from its mouth-watering cuisine, to clothing and household items. So while you’re daydreaming of your next trip to stunning Japan, be sure to check out these very Japanese things right here in Sydney. Eating Wharf Teppanyaki Head to Wharf Teppanyaki

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Kobe Jones - Culture Surrounding Miso Soup

The History and Culture Surrounding Miso Soup

One of the foundations of Japanese food, miso soup can now be found all over the world. Made from traditional Japanese flavours, miso soup is both delicious and nutritious — it’s high in protein while being low on calories. Here are all the essentials you need to know about this Japanese delicacy. Miso soup and its origins It is believed that over three-quarters of people in Japan consume miso soup

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Spotlight on our General Manager: Ben Rotella

No matter what kind of business you work in, having passionate employees who love what they do is essential for achieving your goals. Kobe Jones is all about taking typical Japanese flavours and ingredients, mixing them with typical Western flavours and recipes, and then letting Australians indulge in incredible creations. Our wonderful staff have helped us to provide this quality Japanese food over five restaurants throughout both Melbourne and Sydney.

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