Kobe Jones - Japanese - Inspired Cocktails

10 Must-Try Japanese-Inspired Cocktails

One of the best-known Japanese cocktails is the Whisky Highball. Its ingredients consist only of whisky, ice and soda, but the Japanese turn its preparation into an art form. Precise stirring is required as they build up layers of hand-cut ice, whisky and soda in a glass. There are even rules about the placement of the bar spoon. Yep, the Japanese take their cocktails just as seriously as their food.

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Kobe Jones - Cookbooks for the Japanese Cuisine Lover

10 Essential Cookbooks for the Japanese Cuisine Lover

Japan has a level of obsession when it comes to food that’s unlike anywhere else in the world. To the Japanese, food is serious business and a lot goes into preparing, presenting, eating and appreciating it. In 2013, the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) added “Washoku”, traditional Japanese cuisine, to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list to preserve this way of eating. It was the second national cuisine

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How to Become a Japanese Sushi Master

When you bite into a delicious piece of sushi you may not realise just how many years of hard work and dedication went into that tiny mouthful. The head chef in a sushi kitchen is a prestigious title that’s taken very seriously. Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a Japanese sushi master. Qualities of a great sushi chef It takes a lot of hard work, skill and creativity

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