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As one season ends, another begins. With supplies of Alaskan crab exhausted, Kobe Jones has procured an amazing replacement for its Autumn and Winter menus: Atlantic Golden Crab from the Southeast Atlantic Ocean (200-400 miles off the coast of Namibia). Supplied by Wild Seas in WA, our new Golden crab meat has a firm texture with a red membrane and succulent white flesh with a distinctive sweet taste. The shells are relatively thin giving the crab a high meat to shell ratio and making it a flexible item for many of our menu options. Unlike other crabs, the Golden crab does not turn red during cooking. Although it does exhibit splashes of orange at leg joints and back shell, predominantly it remains a cream colour. The very delicate flavour of Golden crab lends itself to many of our well-flavoured East-West dishes. And for the purists, we’ll also serve Golden crab just steamed or grilled robata style with fresh lime. Simple and simply delicious!

Golden Crab Map

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