Servings = 4 Chicken Katsu Ingredients : – 4 Chicken Marylands, skin off and bone out – 4 free range eggs – 200 gm plain flour – 200 gm panko bread crumbs Method : 1. Clean Chicken Marylands, removing any skin or bone 2. Lightly flatten out your Marylands so thickness is even 3. Crumb your chicken by first dipping in flour, shaking off any excess 4. Then dip the

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Every year Kobe Jones Restaurants serve more than 10 tonnes of rice. So when we introduce a new rice, as we’ve recently done on all our Autumn and Winter menus, we thought you’d like to know something about it. Akitakomachi is a premium short-grain rice, originally from Akita prefecture but now grown all around the world in similar environs. We import our Akitakomachi from Uruguay. It is similar to Nishiki

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Now serving Atlantic Golden Crab

As one season ends, another begins. With supplies of Alaskan crab exhausted, Kobe Jones has procured an amazing replacement for its Autumn and Winter menus: Atlantic Golden Crab from the Southeast Atlantic Ocean (200-400 miles off the coast of Namibia). Supplied by Wild Seas in WA, our new Golden crab meat has a firm texture with a red membrane and succulent white flesh with a distinctive sweet taste. The shells

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