20 Japanese Food Bloggers to Follow

There are plenty of food blogs out there. But which ones are the best to help you get that taste of Japan at home? Here are 20 awesome Japanese food bloggers from around the world. Cooking in Japan Cooking in Japan is written by a Canadian woman now living in Japan and covers fresh, simple and healthy food choices. The author covers recipes that are native to Japan as well

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Create Your Own Sukiyaki at Home

Sukiyaki is, without a doubt, one of the Japanese dishes that everyone seems to love. It combines both a salty and sweet flavour, much like teriyaki sauce, and the beef that is used in the dish is very thinly sliced and extremely tender to eat. The dish requires high quality meat with marbling of fat through it to ensure it is nice and tender. In Japan, it is generally a

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Visiting Japan: 14 Essential Cultural Tips

Japan is a country unlike any other, and is located on a beautiful set of islands that each have their own customs and culture. To ensure that your journey is a success, and to prevent any issues with the locals, here are some essential tips you should know before you start your travels. 1. Be prepared to take your shoes off As in many other Asian countries, it is customary

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