What Makes Kobe Beef So Special and Expensive?

Seeing the term Kobe beef on a menu stirs up lots of excitement, with the Japanese doing an excellent job at marketing the elusive meat. Kobe beef is like black gold caviar. Like aged Chateau Margaux wine. Like hand-rolled chocolate truffles. In other words, it’s expensive, highly sought after, and a status symbol.

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How Sake Is Deeply Rooted In Japanese History and Culture

Sake is synonymous with Japan, having been around since ancient times. Over the years, it has developed to incorporate modern manufacturing techniques, but the concept is still the same – Japanese sake is a rice wine made by fermenting rice that has been polished to remove the bran. The origin of sake is unclear, however there is evidence of 3rd-century Chinese text that speaks of the Japanese drinking and dancing.

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Celebrating Christmas – Japanese Style

While Australia  gets ready to celebrate Christmas by hanging up the stockings, putting up the lights, shopping up a storm and making room in the fridge for a giant turkey, around the world there are people taking a far different approach. In the Czech Republic, single women are getting ready to throw shoes to see if they will be wed. In Venezuela, the folk will be tying up their rollerskate

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