A Complete Guide To Japanese Dining Etiquette

Whether eating with new Japanese friends, dining in a Japanese restaurant, or attending a business lunch with a Japanese client, following a few simple etiquette rules can make you shine. Most Japanese people will forgive you for not understanding their customs and beliefs, but by following common etiquette you demonstrate good manners and respect. There are many different components to Japanese etiquette when it comes to dining, and certain situations

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Vivid Music

Celebrate Vivid with live music by the wharf at King Street Wharf daily between 6-8pm. Grab your front row seat to the Australian Maritime Museum light show whilst dining at Kobe Jones or Wharf Teppanyaki. With ferry’s departing frequently to Circular Quay, what better way to see the rest of Vivid than on the water!

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Understanding Chopstick Use and Etiquette

Is this what you look like when eating with chopsticks? Want to be more like this guy? Then read on… Firstly, if you’re not too great with chopsticks, don’t fret. According to a 2012 Mejiro University study, even the Japanese get it wrong – in fact, over 70 percent of Japanese people in their 40’s and 50’s hold chopsticks incorrectly! Chopsticks are a mainstay of dinner tables in Japan and

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