Vegetable Tempura: The Best Produce for the Job

To the untrained eye, tempura is an unrefined platter made by simply throwing a mix of vegetables or seafood together with batter and deep frying it. Anyone without any sort of culinary experience would be able to do this, right? As it turns out, that could not be farther from the truth in the case of a well-prepared plate of tempura. What a good tempura chef accomplishes is a crunchy,

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4 Japanese Chef Documentaries You Have To See

As food lovers, we tend to gravitate towards original flavours, a mixture of spices and culinary influences we might not have considered before. It might be found in a place where historical immigration naturally brings together a melange of flavours with residents bringing together tastes from their homelands, including non-native ingredients. The singularity of Japanese cuisine Still, while unique mixes are certainly going to pave the way forward in this

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11 Japanese Dishes That Are Surprisingly Edible

From poisonous fish, to horsemeat sashimi, boiled locusts and dancing squids, Japanese food constantly breaks the rules to create playful dishes that not only taste great, but look amazing. Here’s a few new foods to add to your bucket list! Let us know which of these 12 you’ve tried, and what it was like. 1. Fugu Fugu is one of the most infamous Japanese dishes. Made from the pufferfish, this

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