Everything You Need to Know About Sushi

The history of sushi is very long, and the interesting thing about it is that sushi is continually evolving. First mentioned in China during the second century, sushi originally arose as a way of preserving food. Fish was placed in rice and allowed to ferment, which kept the fish edible for some time. The rice was then thrown away and the fish was eaten when required. The method spread throughout

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The Importance Of Salt In Japanese Culture And Cuisine

The Japanese look at salt very differently from the rest of the world. In western cultures, salt is often associated with high blood pressure, increased heart risk and hypertension. But in Japan salt is considered sacred, and is an integral part of everyday life. Japanese people believe salt is cleansing, and a preserver of purity. In the purification rituals of misogi (a similar concept to baptism), salt is used to

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Cooking With the Japanese Wonderfruit Yuzu

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit that is currently making waves in the culinary world. Back in 2013 it was deemed the “world’s new superfruit” by The Daily Mail, who predicted it would one day become as popular as oranges. While that premonition is yet to come true, it certainly is gaining popularity in the Western world. Yuzu is valued for its highly aromatic rind, and because its juice is

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