Kobe Jones - 40 Japanese Words That Really Should Be in the English Language

40 Japanese Words That Really Should Be in the English Language

English is the most widely-learned language in the world, making it a connecting language between countries, continents and cultures. But just because it’s widely learnt, doesn’t mean it’s the best. There are some things that the English language just cannot say or express. Language is all about communication – finding the right word at the right time. The right single word let’s us sum something up in an instant, with

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5 Japanese Dessert Recipes to Try

When you think of Japanese cuisine, savoury dishes like ramen, sushi and udon noodles might come to mind. But you may not realise that there are also some delicious Japanese dessert recipes to out there – like Kobe Jones’ own Ume recipe, which was featured recently on Tasty Meals at Home. Many Japanese desserts are handcrafted and elaborately designed. Some of these more intricate and delicate treats are traditionally served

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The Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, known as ‘Sakura’, signifies the welcoming of Spring. The act of celebrating the festival is called ‘hanami’, which literally translates to ‘the viewing of flowers’, with the traditions of the festival itself dating back over a thousand years. The cherry blossom festival is a celebration of the beauty of nature throughout Japan that sees the Japanese gather together for food, drink, songs and friendship while

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