Recipe | Seared Yellow Fin Tuna

Delicious SEARED YELLOW FIN TUNA rolled in a black pepper and furikake crust, served with wasabi pepper sauce, a Kobe Jones tomato salsa and garnished with red micro herb.

Seves 4 ( 120gm of Tuna per serve )

– chill Tuna in the fridge
– seal the edges of tuna loin in a hot pan with some olive oil then remove to rest in the fridge until very cold
– mix and put katsuofumi furikake and ground pepper corns on a flat dinner plate
– roll and coat tuna katsuofumi furikake
– with a very sharp knife slice into thin slices 8 per portion appox 120 gm
– slices 
should be 5mm thick
– arrange in a layered fashion on a suitable plate with raised edges – drizzle wasabi pepper sauce over the tuna
– teaspoon down the middle the salsa
– garnish with micro herbs and serve

– 500 gm Yellow Fin Tuna Loin
– sashimi grade
– Request from your fish monger yellow fin tuna loin cut into a rectangle 8 cm x 5cm

– 200 grams katsuofumi furikake
– you can buy this in any Japanese supermarket 50gm ground black or pink pepper corns

– 100g Green capsicum
– 350g Tomato (deseed)
– 200g Brown onion
– 20g Fresh garlic (minced)
– 30g Coriander
– 150ml Fresh Lime Juice
– 10ml Tabasco
– 10g Coarse sea salt

Chop all ingredients into small cubes, mix ingredients in a bowl and rest for 1 hr

– 100g Wasabi
– 175ml Water
– 1/2 tsp Hondashi
– 100g – Light soy sauce
– 175ml – Normal soy sauce

Mix ingredients in a sauce pan over a low heat. Whisk until it thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon. Allow to cool and pour into squeeze bottle with pouring spout. Shake well and chill. Shake before use.

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