Yumi Maeyama, Head Chef

From Sapporo in Hokkaido in northern Japan, Yumi Maeyama received her cooking licence in Japan, then trained as a teppanyaki chef in Christchurch, New Zealand. As far as we know, Yumi is the only female head teppanyaki chef in Australia. At the Rocks Teppanyaki, Yumi has used her extensive skills to create a broad selection of teppanyaki dishes and accompaniments for you to choose from to enjoy an authentic teppanyaki experience.

Traditional teppanyaki cooking was developed in the port town of Kobe in Japan; customers would select whatever fresh ingredients were available that day and a chef would cook these ingredients on a small grill in plain view of the customer. Yumi’s cooking is steeped in this tradition and is also a highly refined and beautiful form of expression, characterised by an intricate combination of knife skills and presentation.

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