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Kobe Jones $100 Gift Certificates are the perfect way to show someone you care!

The certificates come beautifully packaged and may be used in any Kobe Jones Restaurant in Sydney and Melbourne at any time within the validity period (normally six months from the date of purchase). If it’s a special occasion and you are in a hurry to get them, we are happy to Express Post certificates to you for an additional $7.50.

To buy one or more Kobe Jones $100 Gift Certificates, simply email your requirements to Trent Schmidt at and Trent will get back to you asap to finalise the details of your purchase.



Japanese like you’ve never had it before…

Kobe Jones restaurants prepare modern Japanese cuisine inspired by the best from the East and West.  Located at Sydney’s King Street Wharf [Kobe Jones Sydney and Wharf Teppanyaki], in the historic Rocks precinct [The Rocks Teppanyaki] and on Melbourne’s Yarra River [Kobe Jones Melbourne and Riverside Teppanyaki], Kobe Jones restaurants offer great value dining in superb surroundings.

Click here to view a video showcasing our restaurants. Enjoy!

Kobe Jones offer first-rate, original, low-cost Japanese cuisine

Welcome to a snapshot of all our restaurants in both Melbourne and Sydney. We hope enjoy the experience!

Latest News

Vivid Music

Celebrate Vivid with live music by the wharf at King Street Wharf daily between 6-8pm. Grab your front row seat to the Australian Maritime Museum light show whilst dining at Kobe Jones or Wharf Teppanyaki. With ferry’s departing frequently to Circular Quay, what better way [ + ]

Understanding Chopstick Use and Etiquette

Is this what you look like when eating with chopsticks? Want to be more like this guy? Then read on... Firstly, if you’re not too great with chopsticks, don’t fret. According to a 2012 Mejiro University study, even the Japanese get it wrong - in fact, over 7 [ + ]

Vivid Lights Festival

The annual Vivid Sydney Festival of Light, Music & Ideas runs from 27 May to 18 June and what better way to begin your tour of our illuminated city than with dinner at Kobe Jones Restaurants? KOBE JONES SYDNEY Located on King Street Wharf, Kobe Jones Sydney it a heartbe [ + ]

Everything You Need to Know About Sushi

The history of sushi is very long, and the interesting thing about it is that sushi is continually evolving. First mentioned in China during the second century, sushi originally arose as a way of preserving food. Fish was placed in rice and allowed to ferment, which kept the fish [ + ]

The Importance Of Salt In Japanese Culture And Cuisine

The Japanese look at salt very differently from the rest of the world. In western cultures, salt is often associated with high blood pressure, increased heart risk and hypertension. But in Japan salt is considered sacred, and is an integral part of everyday life. Japanese p [ + ]

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