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Sydney’s best teppanyaki experience is at King Street Wharf.

With seating for 46 people and 12 cooking stations, your team of highly skilled chefs deliver an authentic teppanyaki experience that is truly unique in Sydney. Whether you are seated as a couple or in a group, we promise you a contemporary, interactive and fun dining experience. Open for lunch Monday to Friday and dinner every night.

21 Lime Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 – book on 02 9299 5290


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Wharf Teppanyaki

Wharf Teppanyaki offers you a contemporary, interactive and fun dining experience. With a teppan table seating up to 46 people and with up to 12 cooking stations, your highly skilled teppanyaki chefs will deliver a dining experience that is truly unique in Sydney. Whether you are seated as a couple or in a group, we promise you will see all the action as your menu is expertly prepared to order. Kobe Jones’s teppan tables are the largest and most unique in Australia and we have yet to find bigger or more modern anywhere in the world. Using the latest induction technology and all-ceiling hoods, the tables have been designed so that you can see and participate in the creation of your meal, all in absolute comfort.

~What is Teppanyaki?~

Teppanyaki is a traditional Japanese cuisine. The word teppanyaki is derived from the word teppan which translates to iron plate and yaki which means grilled. If you’ve ever shied away from teppanyaki for fear of getting egg on your face, Wharf Teppanyaki is the place for you. Here we cook authentic Japanese teppanyaki. It is not a dining experience that should be rushed and you are urged to engage your chef to make sure your special preferences are included. Part of the allure is to watch the chef’s knife and cooking skills while your meal is being prepared. It is a personal dining experience, one in which you are consulted and can be involved.

~Ordering Teppanyaki~

As in all things, when in doubt ask! Your personal chef or service staff will guide you through the options to ensure you choose the best menu for your appetite.  Chef Takehiro Hayashi has created a variety of inspiring menus for you to choose from and with his personal flair, will ensure you experience the very best of teppanyaki dining. Whether your preference is for rock lobster, wagyu beef or king prawns, you won’t be disappointed. If you feel you would like to add to any of the set menus or to build your own menu, a la carte options are also available.

~Set Menus~

Whether for a hens night, bucks party, birthday party, business meeting or simply dinner with friends, our set menus will help you work towards a particular budget while still providing the full teppanyaki experience. Using the freshest available produce and simple sauces, the natural flavours of our food are allowed to shine. There is also a separate a la carte menu for the more experienced teppanyaki diner who wants to spice up the set menu with some additional items.

~Kobe Jones Bar~

The Kobe Jones Bar adds a perfect setting for before and after dinner drinks, and its private balcony overlooking Darling Harbour is a great space for a cocktail party or corporate event before moving to Wharf Teppanyaki
for dinner.

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Wharf Teppanyaki Group Dining

Perfect for large groups, Wharf Teppanyaki has a wide range of fresh items on its menu. Start with our world famous Flaming No.1 Special before journeying through realms of wagyu, Alaskan crab and lobster. At Wharf Teppanyaki all things food are celebrated around an enormous gourmet theatre.

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Wharf Teppanyaki produced by de Groots Media’s Scott Winter

The highly skilled teppanyaki chefs at Wharf Teppanyaki, at King Street Wharf, deliver a culinary experience that is truly unique, using the largest teppanyaki table in Sydney.
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