Teppanyaki Yarra Style

What better way to celebrate Christmas with workmates, friends and family than with your own chefs cooking fantastic food with flare, flames and fun, right in front of you. The waterfront location and décor of Riverside Teppanyaki is superb, the teppan technology amazing and the food, drinks and service right out of this world. Everything you could want to make your Christmas event as spectacular and memorable as it should be.


Servings = 4 Chicken Katsu Ingredients : - 4 Chicken Marylands, skin off and bone out - 4 free range eggs - 200 gm plain flour - 200 gm panko bread crumbs Method : 1. Clean Chicken Marylands, removing any skin or bone 2. Lightly flatten out your Marylands so thickness is even 3. Crumb your chicken by first dipping in flour, shaking off any excess 4. Then dip the floured pieces into whisked eggs, making sure they are completely co [ + ]