Celebrating Christmas – Japanese Style

While Australia  gets ready to celebrate Christmas by hanging up the stockings, putting up the lights, shopping up a storm and making room in the fridge for a giant turkey, around the world there are people taking a far different approach. In the Czech Republic, single women are getting ready to throw shoes to see if they will be wed. In Venezuela, the folk will be tying up their rollerskate laces to head to Mass. And in Japan, families a [ + ]

Umami: Why the Fifth Taste is So Important

The discovery of umami as a taste came in 1907 by Japanese chemical professor, Kikunae Ikeda. It’s a fascinating piece of the gastronomic evolution puzzle, making sense of why we love the food we love. If it’s been some time since you sat in science class, here’s a quick refresher: looking at your tongue, you’ll see the surface is covered with several hundred rough-looking bumps. These bumps are called papillae and e [ + ]

A Guide to Ordering, Buying and Enjoying Crab

Did you know that Kobe Jones purchases a whopping seven tonnes of wild caught, sustainable crab each and every year? With the average crab weighing between two and ten pounds, that’s a whole lot of deliciousness going onto our plates. The Japanese have always loved crab, and when you taste its wonderfully decadent flavour and sample its succulent texture, it’s easy to understand why. Crab really is delicious! But if you&rsqu [ + ]

Celebrating Good Food Month with an Elegance Menu and Matching Sake

Last night Kobe Jones hosted an Elegance Sake Dinner as a part of the Good Food Month celebrations at King Street Wharf. Here’s what one of our guests had to say about the event. . . Elegance. Not a word that everyone associates with sake, especially if their main experiences of the Japanese rice wine have involved sitting at a table yelling 'sake sake sake, bomb' before dropping it into a beer and downing the lot. But last night's d [ + ]

20 Japanese Food Bloggers to Follow

Image via Little Miss Bento There are plenty of food blogs out there. But which ones are the best to help you get that taste of Japan at home? Here are 20 awesome Japanese food bloggers from around the world. Cooking in Japan Cooking in Japan is written by a Canadian woman now living in Japan and covers fresh, simple and healthy food choices. The author covers recipes that are native to Japan as well as Western foods, and beautiful pict [ + ]

Create Your Own Sukiyaki at Home

Sukiyaki is, without a doubt, one of the Japanese dishes that everyone seems to love. It combines both a salty and sweet flavour, much like teriyaki sauce, and the beef that is used in the dish is very thinly sliced and extremely tender to eat. The dish requires high quality meat with marbling of fat through it to ensure it is nice and tender. In Japan, it is generally a celebration dish eaten in winter after payday, due to the price of the [ + ]

Visiting Japan: 14 Essential Cultural Tips

Japan is a country unlike any other, and is located on a beautiful set of islands that each have their own customs and culture. To ensure that your journey is a success, and to prevent any issues with the locals, here are some essential tips you should know before you start your travels. 1. Be prepared to take your shoes off As in many other Asian countries, it is customary in Japan to remove your shoes whenever you enter a home, re [ + ]

12 Health Benefits of Eating Fish

Eating fish regularly can be very beneficial for your health, and it can help reduce risk for some diseases, particularly those related to the heart. For adults, at least two servings of fish per week are recommended. Fish is a high protein, low calorie food, and is rich in omega 3 acids. These acids are very important for a healthy lifestyle, and cannot be produced by our bodies naturally. Some specific benefits are: (more…) [ + ]

A-Z Guide to Japanese Cooking Utensils

The differences in Japanese and Western cuisine are not only present in taste and style, but in how you cook them too. Ingredients and recipes can sometimes appear unusual, but where you can really notice the difference is in the utensils used. A Japanese kitchen can look very different to the standard westernised kitchen. If you are planning on making your kitchen more ‘Japanese-friendly’, here’s your A-Z guide to the Japanese utensils [ + ]

Vivid Sydney 2015: Lights, Music, Ideas and Food

It’s that time of year again, when Sydney is at its most vivid. The buildings shine in incredible colours, the streets are alive with music and entertainment, and museums and galleries are filled with the latest and most innovative ideas. Why? It’s Vivid Sydney of course. Vivid Sydney first began in 2009 and every year it gets better and better. Last year saw musical acts including Pet Shop Boys and The Presets, Martin Place tra [ + ]

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